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Blacksmith Artisan

Camelia Blacksmithing

In the photo on the left, I'm making a Camellia flower business card holder during Steve Kalb's class at the Floyd Center for the Arts. Hand-forging a hunk of iron gives me satisfaction and offers another avenue to express my creativity.  Because my grandfather and great grandfather were both blacksmiths, it must be in my genes. 


Minor McNeil

Hand-Forged Camellia Flower

Hand-forged Camellia flower business card holder.
Camelia Blacksmithing
Camelia Blacksmithing

Camelia Operating Antique Drill Press

Working with an antique drill press at historic Mabry Mill. After this workshop, I had to have one! I suppose I am the only lady in the US who asked for an antique drill press for Mother's Day.