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As an instructor for many years, I have discovered numerous patterns with poorly written instructions, causing great frustration for those using the pattern.  Consequently, when I design the quilt that will appear on the cover of my patterns, I spend a tremendous amount of time writing clear, accurate instructions.  I have several usability testers to proof and critique my patterns and instructions before they go on the market.

To order patterns, please e-mail  When emailing, please include all your contact information for credit card transactions and phone number. Credt cards accepted over the phone. We will call to get your credit card number.

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Patterns by Camelia's Unique Creations proudly printed in the United States of America in the scenic and picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.


Trendy T-Shirts Transformed
Quilt pattern includes instructions for all bed sizes

Trendy T-Shirts Transformed

Transform your trendy t-shirts into an awesome quilt that you (or the fortunate recipient) will enjoy for many years to come.  Have fun sewing down memory lane while making this creation.  If your quilt is a gift, the recipient will have a ball remembering where each and every T-shirt came from.

People have asked me on numerous occasions, "Are those t-shirts?" With the products and techniques used in the pattern, this quilt is a classy t-shirt quilt.

Alice's Quest for Victory
(Quilt Size 54¾" square)

Alice's Quest for Victory

I designed this pattern in honor of my dear friend, Alice.  She is a fairly new quilter and after two bouts of ovarian cancer she wanted to make a quilt.  I refer to it as her “therapy quilt”.  This project helped Alice focus on her quest for victory during difficult times.

Click here to view photos of the quilt in progress and to meet Alice. Teal is the ovarian cancer color and Alice wears lots of teal (her favorite color and one of my favorite colors).

Kaleidoscope Flower Garden
(Wallhanging size 54¾" square and all bed sizes)

Kaleidoscope Flower Garden

This is a fun quilt to stitch. Watch the dancing kaleidoscopes come to life as they waltz across the quilt top.  I love the traditional Bear Paw quilt block.  I designed the flower on this block with inspiration from the Bear Paw block.  After creating my quilted couch, I wanted to design a quilt pattern with the same block, available for all bed sizes. 

Grilling Guys Apron

Grilling Guys Apron
Grilling Guys Apron originated from a need. My daughter called and said, "Mom, my boyfriend wants a guy apron and we can’t find one.  Will you make him one?" I realized my son, the ultimate grilling guy who has won culinary awards (he is awesome at grilling and smoking meat) needed a guy apron.  At a quilting retreat, I heard a lady comment that her husband wanted a camouflage apron.  Therefore I designed Grilling Guys Apron.  This pattern is dedicated to my son, who worked as a fly fishing guide in Alaska, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.  While guiding in Alaska, one of his job descriptions was to “grill a shore lunch that the guests will remember for years to come”. 

Operation Support Our Troops
(Quilt Size 48"x63")

Operation Support Our Troops Cover

Operation Support Our Troops is dedicated to our military. Click here to read my dedication.

Easter Sunday Memories
(28½" round table topper)

Easter Sunday Memories


Scared Crow? I Don't Think So!
(27" round table topper)

Scared Crow? I Don't Think So!


Classy Custom Couch Creation
(my most extensive and interesting quilt project)

Quilted Couch

Kaleidoscope Flower Garden

Click here for a slideshow of photos of the quilted couch in progress.

Story behind this design:
We were in the market for new living room furniture and I hated the thought of giving up my comfortable couch with a cozy hide-a-bed that we use when we have a house full of company.  After all, they don’t make things like they used to and the sofa has a good, sturdy frame. I called Francine's Upholstery to get a quote on reupholstering my couch. She mentioned her classes at the Floyd Center for the Arts in Floyd, Virginia and I decided to take a class. We were visiting about the project and I expressed my interest in using two fabrics. At that point, I had the bright idea that I could have a quilted couch! I think the end result was stunning. Quilt shop owners from miles around went crazy over my first quilted cushion. I designed the quilt pattern and stitched a king size quilt. When I went to my machine quilter’s house to pick up the quilt, she commented, “This looks really good on my bed.” She was right. I figured no one else is going to be crazy enough to spend 2,000 hours on quilting a couch (yes, that is how long it took!) so I published the pattern Kaleidoscope Flower Garden (pictured above).