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Collage Vegetables


Healthy Plates of Food


Collage October Beans
October beans are tasty and beautiful!


Collage Grapes
There is nothing like home canned grape juice.


Blackberries, Wine Berries
One of my favorite summer pleasures is picking blackberries, black raspberries, raspberries, and wine berries.


Collage Home Canned Food
For the love of strawberry season.

Strawberry Cranberry Jam
My famous (secret recipe) Strawberry Cranberry Jam.

Canning Factory
Any day at the canning factory is always a great day! This is my happy place.

Purple Pod Beans

Purple pod beans are amazing! They are deep purple when picked off the vine. When you cook them and as the water gets hotter, their color turns green. I think the single bean in the top left picture is interesting. It is totally opposite from all of the other beans. It has a green exterior and purple interior.


Dehydrated Apples and Zucchini

There are hundreds of varieties of apples in Virginia. Our dehydrator is running non-stop to dry apples in the fall. Have you ever dehydrated zucchini? Both apples and zucchini make a nutrious, delicious, low calorie snack. We process them with the skins on for added nutrition.


Home Canned Food in Pantry
Here is a peak into our pantry. I also store all dry ingredients in mason jars.




Collage Bountiful Basket
If you are not familiar with Bountiful Baskets Food Coop, you should check them out to see if they are in your area.


Masoon Jar Art

My Mason Jar Art.