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Quilting Retreats

Camelia's 4-Day/3-Night Quilting Retreats

What better way to celebrate spring or fall than to attend a quilting retreat? Our retreats are located in a picturesque and scenic location with beautiful mountain views. For more information, email

Quilts on the Fence at Retreat

My quilting retreats have been attended by ladies from a six-state area since 2009 and the quilters say, “It’s well worth the drive!” 

Laughing Quilters
At my quilting retreat we truly have more fun than should be allowed. Come join us!

2016 Quilt Retreat ladies hard at work
Hard at work and having a blast!

Photo by Jim McClure

Mary Ellen and Camelia

My quilting retreats would not be as successful without the help of my good friend, Mary Ellen. She is an amazing and talented lady and I am thankful to partner with her on Camelia's Quilting Retreats.


Quilt Retreat Fall 2019 (our 10th Anniversary!)

Ten Year Anniversary Group Photo

Happy Anniversary to us!

Photos by Mel Futch

Quilt Retreat Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Group Photo

Photo courtesy Jim McClure

Quilt Retreat Fall 2018

2018 Fall

Photo courtesy Wanda Combs, Editor of the Floyd Press

Quilt Retreat Spring 2018

Spring 2018

Quilt Retreat Spring 2017

2017 Fall

Photo courtesy Mary Ellen Futch

Quilt Retreat Spring 2016

Quilts Hanging on the Deck
Photo by Jim McClure

Quilt Retreat Spring 2015

2015 Quilt Retreat


Quilt Retreat Spring 2014

2014 Quilt Retreat


Quilt Retreat Spring 2013

     2013 Quilt Retreat     

May 30 – June 2, 2013: The spring retreat of 2013 provided luxurious accommodations with all the comforts of home.  With an artisan chef, we took as many photos of the food as we did of the quilts! The class was from my new pattern “Alice’s Quest for Victory” in honor of my friend, Alice, a two time ovarian cancer survivor. It makes a perfect charity, raffle, auction or fund raiser quilt. There were many beautiful teal fabrics (teal represents the ovarian cancer color).

Outstanding Food

Quilt Retreat Spring 2012

2012 Quilt Retreat
Photo by Mel Futch

Quilt Retreat Fall 2010

2012 Quilt Retreat
Photo by Mel Futch

You will not believe how much you accomplish at the retreat!

Quilt Retreat Spring 2010

Quilt Retreat

Some of the quilters show off their hand crafted bowls made by fourth generation woodsman and Floyd County artisan, Glendon Boyd.

Quilt Retreat Fall 2009

Quilt Retreat Fall 2009

2009 Quilt Retreat

We loved seeing Abbie's impressive turkey quilt. What a talented lady.

Special thanks to those who shared photos of past retreats: Mel and Mary Ellen Futch, Donna Foster, Lynne Brann, Cindy Moser, Judy Ruggles, Becky Trimble, Debbie Lane, Vanessa Glova and Debra Tedford.

What should a quilter expect at my award winning retreat? Five days of uninterrupted quilting, fun and camaraderie.  Lodging in a beautiful setting with breath-taking mountain views, wonderful meals cooked with TLC and home-baked delectable goodies.  Daily door prizes will be a special treat.

Shopping at the three-story sewing paradise, Schoolhouse Fabrics, Farmer's Supply General Hardware since 1931 and other quaint shops in Floyd will be a pleasure not soon forgotten.

The atmosphere is relaxed, the dress is casual and the people you meet will become life-long quilting friends.

Here are some comments from quilters who attended previous quilting retreats:
"This is the best quilting retreat I've ever been to."
“This was my first quilting retreat and it exceeded all my expectations.”
“I want to thank you for the well planned meals which were great and the special material colors and the beautiful wooden bowl and door prize too!”
“Beautiful country setting.”
“Beds were very comfortable.”
“Meals were great.  Healthy and adequate.”
[About activities] “Floyd was a very nice little fun community.  Great road trip.”
“Everyone gets along so great—wonderful way to meet new friends and quilters.”
“Facilities were excellent.  The camp was quite spectacular.”
“I learned a lot and laughed a lot—I don’t think it gets any better than that!”

In 2010, during the Virginia DAR State Conference, “Camelia’s 5 Day/4 Night Quilting Retreat” received the prestigious “Best Cultural Events Award.”

For more information, email