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What others are saying about "DInner in a Jar":

"Best gift ever. As a working mom of two kids, I honestly can't think of a gift I would appreciate more than this. Seriously - more than diamonds, new sweaters, etc."
D. Whipple

"I need this for my college kid who has been sick constantly for lack of nutritious meals. She wants easy recipes dump in crockpot with fresh ingredients voila come home from class dinner ready instead ordering out."
B. Arington


"Please pretty please begging on my knees. Can I have the recipes?!!?!?!!"
C. Yavorsky




Mission Statement

To set busy individuals up for success to cook quick and easy, homemade meals in the instant pot using my "Dinner in a Jar" recipes, cooked with an emphasis on whole food.

Who needs "Dinner in a Jar"? Anyone who wants to:

  • Eat out less

  • Eat at home more often

  • Eat more wholesome foods

  • Eat less processed foods

Think of "Dinner in a Jar" as a kit. Most of the ingredients and spices are already in the jar, simplifying the dreaded question we face at the end of the day, "What's for dinner?" and making it easier than ever to eat healthy meals at home.

Dinners in a Jar


When we purchased our 50+-year-old historic home, it needed some love, attention, and TLC. The kitchen was the worst, therefore we gutted it and started the long journey of refurbishing it. I did not have a range to cook on for five months and I quickly became "the instant pot queen". I ordered my pot out of necessity and cooked with my beloved new miracle, small appliance every night. 

During the Christmas of 2017, I thought long and hard about a unique, useful, loving, and perfect gift for my girls. They are so busy and the dreaded question, “what’s for dinner?” always lingers at the end of the day.  My daughter gets home from work after dark, builds a fire in the wood burning-stove and walks the dogs before hubby gets home. After all of that, cooking is hard. My daughter-in-law has two little ones all day long. All moms with young children are exhausted at the end of the day. 

What could be more perfect than pouring “dinner in a jar” into the instant pot, adding a few ingredients, and pressing a button at the end of a long, hard day?

I went through my recipes and converted the instructions to be used in their instant pots. “Dinner in a jar” could also be used for crockpot cooking.

It was a little overwhelming in the beginning when I was making out my grocery list. When I started putting ingredients in jars, it was fun layering food in the jars. I think they are beautiful!

I knew my girls were going to love dinner in a jar!

I am a mason jar fanatic! Why is "Dinner in a Jar" such an amazing concept? Why do I love to can my own food and use mason jars to store dry all of the dry food in my pantry? To avoid BPA lining in tin cans and all of the adverse effects it has. We can about 400+ jars of food per year.

When I posted photos of my girl's "Dinner in a Jar" gifts, there were a lot of similar comments, such as: 
"Can you adopt me????"
"OMG....adopt me, please!"
"I wish you were my Mom!"
"Will you adopt me???"
"Can you adopt me please!!!!!!!!!!"
"I want to be your daughter lol. Great idea!!!!"
"Please adopt me."
These comments brought back a sweet memory. When my twin nieces were toddlers, they could not pronounce my name, so they called me "Momma Mia". When you see my nickname in some of my recipe titles, you will know why :)

Camelia with Sunflowers


Camelia Elliott
PO Box 822
Meadows of Dan, Virginia 24120-0822


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