Helping Hands: Designer Quality at Handyman Prices

Living Room (before and after). We hired a mason (also a talented artist) for the rock wall. We can help you on the rest!

  • After. Wow, what a transformation!

Bathroom #1 (before and after)

  • This shower curtain rod is an original design. We could not find one to fit the angled ceiling and odd shaped shower. We love it!

Bathroom #2 (before and after)

  • Our sink's base is made from an antique treadle sewing machine. Everyone loves it!

Guest Suite (before and after)

Art Studio (before and during) that is still in progress.

Storage Closet. Through extreme organization skills, we fit nearly everything from the large bedroom into this tiny closet!


  • Before.

Galvanized Pipe Shelves

My dad owned numerous rental homes. He was constantly working on plumbing. I have fallen in love with shelf brackets, wall hooks, and handicap rails made from vintage galvanized plumbing pipes. They remind me of him every time I see them!

Unique Design Elements

  • Elaborate stencils make quite the conversation piece.