Helping Hands: Designer Quality at Handyman Prices

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Let us refurbish your home into a conversation piece and the beautiful place you deserve!

Stunning Porch Transformation

Customer Testimonial: “Jim Elliott did a fantastic job restoring my 1925 farmhouse porch ceiling and flooring. He used minimal new wood when necessary but preserved and restored most of the original beaded wood ceiling. I am thrilled with the results regarding restoration versus total new replacement/modernization. His knowledge of restoration of older houses and house painting skills are invaluable.” (customer name omitted for privacy purposes)  

Basic Mason and Rock Work

Customer Testimonial: “We are quite pleased with the work Jim has done for us. It is a blessing to have someone who does quality work, is reliable, and gets it done as planned.” (customer name omitted for privacy purposes)  

Painting (replacing old wood, scrapping, sanding, caulking)

Customer Testimonial: “The best thing about Jim’s work is that he is dependable and cares about the projects he does as if it was his own home.” (customer name omitted for privacy purposes)  

  • After.

Art Studio

This project yielded an impressive end result. What a beautiful work area!

  • After. This turned out to be a beautiful art studio and work area!

Floyd County Historical Society Museum

Exterior Basement Walls

Interior Basement Walls

Customer Testimonial: “Jim did a beautiful job cleaning crumbling paint and painting our basement wall where moisture had caused peeling and discoloration.  I have been completely satisfied with other jobs he has done as well.” (customer name omitted for privacy purposes)  

  • After.

Bathroom with Treadle Sewing Machine Base

  • This sink's base is made from an antique treadle sewing machine. Everyone loves it!

Bathroom with Staggering Before and After Photos

  • This shower curtain rod is an original design. We could not find one to fit the angled ceiling and odd shaped shower. We love it!

Living Room

We hired a mason (also a talented artist) for the rock wall. We can help you on the rest!

  • After. Wow--what a transformation!

Guest Suite

Solar Motion Lights

Porch Makeover

  • Before.

Everyone Enjoys Rocking on the Porch!

  • What a wonderful place to rock on the porch!

Porch with a Beautiful End Result!

  • We replaced deteriorated wood, prepped, and painted the railing and deck floor.

Storage Closet

Through extreme organization skills, we fit nearly everything from a 400 square foot room into this tiny closet!

  • We converted this tiny closet into a storage area that holds nearly everything that was in boxes in a 400 square foot room!

Galvanized Pipe Shelves

My dad owned numerous rental homes. He was constantly working on plumbing. I have fallen in love with shelf brackets, wall hooks, and handicap rails made from vintage galvanized plumbing pipes. They remind me of him every time I see them!

Unique Design Elements

  • Elaborate stencils make quite the conversation piece.

Electrical, plumbing, and roofing are not services that I provide.