History (Cooking Career)

It all started in 4-H where I learned about the food pyramid, nutrition, and presentation. I also learned a lesson in good sportsmanship when I won a second place ribbon, instead of the desired first place ribbon.

My dear friend, Frankie Clement, talked me into entering the Lean Ground Beef Contest at the Tri-State Fair in Amarillo, Texas in 2,000.

One of the judges complimented me on how scrumptious the Stuffed Pumpkin was.

Going home with a first place, blue ribbon and $500 was such a thrill!

I had so much fun in 2,000 that I decided to enter the contest again in 2,001.

I cooked Lean Beef Stuffed Bell Peppers with Mango Salsa and won a first place, blue ribbon and $500! I will have to say that it was delicious.

2,003’s contest preparation started with shopping at the local Farmer’s Market.

For the food garnish and presentation, I carved an apple turkey and swan! I also created candles made with fresh apples, miniature pumpkins, and gourds.

The Aztec Beef was garnished with tomato rosettes, stuffed olives, and edible marigolds.

I won a third place ribbon and $125. It was special to have Mom and Dad there with me!